Claim for washing uniform

Claim for Washing Uniform: Eligible for Uniform Tax Rebate?

Cleaning Uniform Tax

Today we will know about how to get claim for washing uniform and all. A new study has found that washing uniform in the UK costs employees an average of £100 a year. The research, which was conducted by the University of Hertfordshire, also found that one in five employees have had to replace their uniform due to damage caused by washing it.

The study surveyed of 2,000 employees and found that the cost of washing and replacing uniforms was a major financial burden for many. In addition to the cost of buying new uniforms, employees also cited the time it takes to wash and iron them as a significant source of stress.

Whether you’re a pilot, police officer, or nurse with simply a branded T-shirt or a full uniform, you’re eligible for a refund. If you want to file a claim, you don’t need to hire a claims company because you can do it for free. In the previous Article we know about NHS staff uniform tax rebate as well.

How to Know If Someone is Eligible for a Uniform Tax Rebate?

If you’re eligible for a tax deduction for laundering business attire, you must meet ALL of the following criteria.

A brand-name tee, nurse’s uniform, or police uniform are all examples of easily recognizable uniforms that indicate your occupation. According to HMRC, a quick and easy test would be to see if a random member of the public could identify your employer from the emblems or company name on your uniform while you were out and about in public.

Claim Tax for Washing Uniform

During working hours, you must keep it on as per company policy. As a result, you should probably just buy it. Even if you were only required to wear the uniform on a single day throughout the tax year, you are still entitled to the full year’s exemption.

The onus is on you to acquire, maintain, fix, or change it. If, however, your employer washes your gear, provides the means to do so (even if you don’t use them), or compensates you for maintaining it, you have no grounds for a claim.

You filed and paid income tax for the year in question. Since the purpose of this benefit is to minimize your tax bill, you are not eligible to make a claim if you had no tax liability at all during the tax year in question.

Who isn’t Eligible and Can’t Get a Rebate?

Members of the military forces are an exception to the procedure and should not be required to go through it. They should be able to deduct the money they spend on uniform maintenance from their taxable income. And if you’re self-employed, you can deduct the money you spend on uniforms and laundry from your taxable income by using the self-assessment tax form instead of the rebate form.

How Much Can I Get for Washing Uniform?

A set rate of £60 per year is allotted for the upkeep of uniforms. Uniform tax refunds allow you to recoup the £60 in taxes you would have had to pay. For those who pay taxes at the standard rate, this means a refund of £12. In this case, higher-rate taxpayers will receive a refund of £24.

A successful claim dating back to 2018–19 would be worth £60 to a taxpayer at the basic rate. However, the time to claim the relief for 2018/19 is 5 April 2023; after that, you will no longer be able to retroactively apply the change.

Claim for washing uniform
Claim for washing uniform

You might make more money if you work in Limits of £185 per year apply to certain professions, such as those working in ambulances, typically due to the need for specialized clothes. On top of that, basic-rate taxpayers can get a refund of £37 every year (higher-rate taxpayers can get a refund of £74). Nurses and midwives are eligible to receive an additional £25 for footwear, which includes socks and tights, in addition to their usual allowance of £125.

Claim Money for Washing Uniform

Here are a few more allowance regarding claim for washing uniform (all annual maximums):

  • The allowance for firefighters and fire officers is £80 (or £16, or £32, respectively, for those paying at the higher tax rates).
  • The allowance for dental nurses and healthcare assistants is £125 ($35 for those paying the higher rate of tax and $25 for those paying the lower rate).
  • The pilot and copilot allowance is £1,022 ($204 for those paying at the lower rate and £408.80 for those paying at the higher rate).
  • The mechanic’s allowance is £120 (£24 for those paying the standard rate, £48 for those paying the higher rate).

When Will I Receive the Funds?

You should expect a little raise in after-tax income due to a change in your tax bracket for the current tax year. According to HMRC, the average time to receive a new tax code is two days. When this information actually reflected in your paycheck. However, is contingent on whether or not your employer receives it before the payroll deadline. If you get paid on the 25th of every month, and your employer receives your new tax code on the 10th of the month, it will likely be applied to your paycheck for that month.

HMRC will either make adjustments to your tax code or issue a refund if your claim relates to a prior tax year. To let you know how much you are owed and when it will be paid, HMRC will send you a letter when they have received and processed your claim.


If you wear a uniform to work and are responsible for its upkeep (washing, repairing, and replacing), you may be eligible to receive up to £100 each year in tax reimbursement. We hope this article about claim for washing uniform was helpful in informing you of your rights when it comes to washing your uniform. Remember, you should always consult your employer before taking any action.

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