Sectoral funds: Good bet for investors?

What is sectoral mutual fund?
  • Mutual funds have many sub categories within it. We will here introduce one special category of mutual funds which is Sectoral or Sector funds.
  • As the name specifies these kind of funds are focused in specific sectors or themes.
  • Sector funds are suitable for investors who have enough knowledge of mutual funds and market as well.
  • Investor finds some specific sector┬áhas growth potential in near or medium term future then he invest in funds having portfolio of the same sector.
  • For example IT funds only invest in IT companies and Consumer funds only invest in FMCG companies.
  • Now a days┬áSome mutual fund experts believe that the infrastructure schemes, IT, pharma and FMCG schemes may deliver good returns. So if investors invest in consumer funds , IT funds or pharma funds then he will get benefited by out performance of that sector .
  • Usually sector specific funds associated with market cycles. Some sectors perform well during a cycle and others perform badly during the same cycle.
Why sector funds?
  • Sector funds are aimed to get advantage of sectors which will perform well in future.
How to invest?
  • Find sector in which you find growth in next 3-4 years.
  • Invest before the sector perform well and exit when you find that sector is underperforming.
Who Can invest?
  • Aggressive investors and who have enough knowledge about market and that sector.
  • Its not suitable for long term investors as its cyclical funds.
  • Investor has to be cautious after investing in these funds.
Risk Profile of sector funds
  • Riskier than diversified equity mutual funds as it entirely invest in specific sector.
  • Performance of the funds solely depends on performance of that particular sector only.
Top 5 performing Sector Funds

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