How to get your KYC done

How to get your KYC done?

Having KYC is compulsory in order to do Mutual Fund investments. Individual investors do struggle in KYC when they want to invest directly into mutual fund and their KYC haven’t been done yet.

Below are the some questions usually we have in our mind related to KYC.

What is KYC?

KYC is abbreviation of ‘Know Your Customer. The term generally expresses the client identification process.

Why should you need a KYC done?

To invest in mutual funds you need your KYC done. You can do it online or offline.

KYC norms are essential for ALL applicants while investing with any SEBI registered Mutual Fund, regardless of the amount of investment.

Do I require verifying again?

No, this one-time verification is legitimate for transactions across all mutual funds.

KYC is applicable for which type of transactions?

  • Fresh Purchases
  • Additional Purchases
  • Switch Transactions
  • New Systematic Investment Plan / MICRO SIP Registrations
  • New Systematic Transfer Plan (STP) Registrations

Which documentation I needed?

You just need to present self-authenticated copies of these documents and you should carry originals for in-person verification.

  1. Proof of identity
  2. Proof of Address
  3. PAN Card
  4. Photograph

You can submit form to AMC office.

Where can I download KYC form?

Download KYC form is just a simple process, you can download this from any of the AMC’s site or from transfer agent’s site or, you can visit ‘Downloads’ Category of

For fresh KYC you should take a print out of the KYC application form for individual.

You can fill the form easily; you just have to fill it as guided.

Where can I check status of my KYC?

You can check status of your KYC from any of the below websites, you should check on the site where you have submitted your KYC application form:

CDSL Ventures Ltd. CVL –

NSE (DotEx International) –

NSDL Database Management Ltd (NDML) –


Karvy –‎

How to know your KYC status?

Process of checking is also not awkward, to check KYC status Visit any of the above sites, then enter your PAN and click on ‘SUBMIT’ button, now it will show the status of Your KYC.

There can be different status of your KYC like “In process”, “Verified” or “New KYC Registered”

All the trio status is o.k. if you see above status for your KYC status then you can go ahead with the mutual fund registration process, but if KYC status is “Invalid data” then you should require initiating KYC process.

What is e-KYC?

e-KYC is the KYC done online mode either from any Mutual fund website or other e-KYC sites. e-KYC is also known as  Aadhar based KYC.

Is there any limitation on Aadhar based KYC?

Yes, it can only allow you INR 50,000 per financial year per fund house.

To get rid of this limit you need IPV from any of fund house. IPV is too just a straightforward process- through a video call fund house checks your personal identity and address verification.

Are there any fees for KYC?

No, there are no fees for KYC registration.

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