Increase your wealth with SIP Top up

What is SIP top up?

SIP means a systematic investment plan authorizes investor to put a fixed sum of money systematically monthly or quarterly in a mutual fund. As we know many of us get an increment in our salaries or income every year. Means the person who has got increment can afford to increase investments.

But how does an investor do that in an SIP that is already going on?

The answer is – enter top-up or step-up facility.

As income or salary grows, the quantum of investment should grow too, it is important.

SIP top-up is a facility which authorizes investors to increase their sum of instalments money by a fixed amount at predefined intervening time. SIP Top Up facility offers investor the plasticity to invest higher amounts during the holding of the SIP.

So, with a SIP Top Up plan, investors can attain their ambition faster or attain more in the same time period.

Understanding SIP Top Ups:

A Systematic Investment Plan is a successful wealth-building tool. By subscribing a fixed amount every month, the plan helps investor assemble wealth over the long term. But as investor’s circumstances change and his/her income grows, he/she is probably to have more money available to invest. A SIP Top Up allows investors to increase the monthly investment amount periodically.

Magic of SIP Top Up:


From above image you can infer that a person who invests same amount for same tenure but increase SIP amount by 10% every year. That person would earn 2.57 crore more than the person who doesn’t opt for SIP top up. Sounds cool?


So don’t be late. Always go for Sip top and get handsome returns from your investments.

Why one should opt for SIP Top up?

  1. SIP top up is an auto route to increase savings – This feature works on auto pilot to increase savings in sync with rise in income.
  2. SIP top up is useful to achieve goals faster – With incremental investing, wealth grows faster with the help of compounding, thereby helping investors to attain goals faster.
  3. SIP top up is very convenient – It helps investors avoid the paper work associated with increasing SIP contribution during the tenure.
  4. SIP top up is easy to maintain – It reduces the necessity for creating and tracking multiple SIPs in the same scheme.
  5. SIP top up is adapted to your rising income – Every employee expects his/her salary or income to increase every year. Employers offer increments or bonuses on an annual basis that can be invested as a top up to an existing SIP.
  6. SIP top up helps reach financial goals faster – SIPs are designed to help investors achieve their long-term financial goals. A top up facility allows investors to reach their financial ambitions faster or expand investors’ goals to meet their needs.
  7. SIP top up helps fight inflation – Many investors choose to increase their contributions to stay in line with inflation. As inflation consistently erodes the value of your money it may be prudent to raise contributions to an investment plan for the long-term.

How to do SIP top up?

Before some time, just some of fund houses used to offer the facility to top-up Sips. Now days, most fund houses offer it but it is still best to check which fund houses offer and which don’t.  SIP top up forms are available for schemes which should be submitted at the AMC office or Investor Service Center designated by the AMC.

There are two options to step-up your Sips every year.

 1. Decide when you start SIP

The first one is established option is to simply decide how much more money per month you’d like to invest and then start a fresh SIP. You can do that either in the same scheme or in another scheme in the same folio.

2. Top up During SIP:

If investor has an existing SIP and he/she wants to increase his/her monthly contribution. There are very few fund houses which allow investor to do that midway. Most of fund houses allow investors to decide the top-up amount right at the time when they start their SIP.


SIP top up facility lets investors accelerate their target corpus. A SIP Top Up plan also helps investors strike the right balance between discipline and flexibility. By adapting your investment plan to your changing circumstances you can achieve your financial goals faster.

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