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MDU Online Bill Pay

Looking to pay your Montana Dakota Utilities bill? You’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to MDU bill pay online. We’ll also provide some helpful tips and answer with some frequently asked questions. Let’s get started!

MDU Bill Pay is an online bill payment service that allows customers to pay their Montana Dakota Utilities bills online. Customers can either pay their bill in full, or set up a payment plan. Montana Dakota Utilities Bill Pay also offers customers the ability to view their account balance, pay their bill, and view their transaction history.

How to Pay MDU Bill Online?

Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU) is a regional electric and natural gas utility serving customers across Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The company offers a variety of bill payment options to suit the needs of its customers.

The easiest way to pay an MDU bill is online through the company’s website. Customers can log in to their account and pay their bill with a credit or debit card. They can also set up automatic payments so that their bill is paid automatically each month. Know how to pay your HSN card payment online as well.

Montana Dakota Utilities Bill Pay Via Cheque

For customers who prefer not to use a credit or debit card, MDU also offers several other payment options. Customers can pay by check or money order through the mail, or they can pay in person at any of MDU’s customer service offices. MDU also offers a budget billing program for customers who want to even out their monthly payments.

How to Sign up for MDU Bill Pay

MDU Bill Pay is an online bill-paying service offered by Montana Dakota Utilities. Customers can use MDU Bill Pay to view and pay their bills online, as well as set up automatic payments.

To sign up for MDU Bill Pay, customers will need to create an account on the Montana Dakota Utilities website. Once they have done so, they will be able to log in and access their account information. In order to set up automatic payments, customers will need to provide their bank account information. They will also be able to choose how often they would like their payments to be made.

  • Customers can sign up for MDU Bill Pay by visiting the Montana Dakota Utilities website
  • clicking on the “Create an Account” link.
  • They will then need to enter their personal information, as well as create a username and password.

How to Read Your Montana-Dakota State Bill?

  • Customer Information: This section includes the account holder’s name and the service address where utilities such as gas and electricity are supplied.
  • Account Number: This section includes your account number, the date of your bill, the total amount due, and the date by which it must be paid.
  • Account Summary: a summary of your account is provided here, including the total amount owed, the date that payment is due, the current balance, and the date that payment was last made. And any changes that were made will be displayed here as well.
  • Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. Contact Information: Here you’ll find all the information you need to get in touch with Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., whether it’s to ask a question about your account or to report an emergency.

    MDU Bill Pay
    MDU Bill Pay
  • Charge Detail: You’ll find a comprehensive breakdown of all the fees associated with your electric or gas utility service, including the amount you used, the date of your most recent metre reading, the number of days remaining in the billing cycle, and the rates in effect at the time.
  • Usage History: Here you may see a comparison of your natural gas and/or electric usage over the past 13 months.
  • Bill Remittance Stub: Include this remittance stub with your payment to Montana- Dakota Utilities Co. Please ensure that the return address printed on the remittance stub is visible through the envelope window when mailing your payment.
  • Energy Assistance Donation: Donations for energy assistance can be made here, either to Energy Share or to the local programme that serves your area. These aid programmes help low-income clients cover some of their monthly energy bills. Contributions made on this line are eligible for a tax deduction and can be added to your payment at any time.
  • Ways to Pay Your Bill: This section explains the many payment methods accepted by Montana-Dakota Utilities Co.
  • Billing Terms & Definitions: If you’re having trouble making sense of your account, look no further than Section
  • New Address or Phone Number: Billing Words & Definitions is where you’ll find a comprehensive list of the most important billing terms and their definitions. If your address or phone number has changed since your last payment to Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., please update this field and remit your payment.

Go paperless with eBills and ePayment services

After signing up for Online Account Services, you’ll be able to choose eBill as your preferred method of receiving bills and you’ll be notified through email when they’re available for viewing.

  • Both time and trees can be spared by using this no-cost service.
  • Electronic bills (eBills) have the same format as paper bills. When bills are ready to be paid, you’ll receive an email notification.
  • You can access and print all of your billing statements from the past 24 months.
  • You can either pay everything at once or in instalments.
  • On the day you specify, funds will be automatically deducted from the checking account you list as the source of your online payment.
  • There is currently no signup lag time.

MDU Bill Pay’s Accepted Method of Payment

Easy-Pay If you want to make sure your monthly bill is paid on time, but don’t want to pay more for the convenience, sign up for Montana-automatic Dakota’s payment plan. Your monthly payment will be deducted from your verified checking account in the US on the same day each month.

  • Sign up online at by creating an account and filling out the enrollment form.
  • The due date and total due amount will be clearly displayed on your bill.
  • Ten business days after the bill date (as displayed on your bill stub), your preauthorized payment will be processed.

MDU Speedpay & Balanced Billing

Balanced Billing eliminates the wild monthly swings in your Montana-Dakota utility bill caused by weather and energy price volatility.

  • Signing up is as simple as accessing your account online or getting in touch with Customer Service.
  • When you sign up for Balanced Billing, your monthly bill will be determined by averaging your natural gas and/or electric consumption for the previous 11 months, as well as your consumption for the current month.
  • After determining the typical monthly consumption, the current bill is computed by multiplying the amount by the prevailing energy rate.

Use of Credit or Debit Card (Western Union® Speedpay®) is accepted

Western Union® Speedpay® Bill Payment Service accepts payments through phone or online, utilising a variety of payment options such credit/debit cards and electronic checks. The “NYCE,” “PULSE®,” or “STAR®” emblem on your ATM or Debit card indicates acceptance of these cards as payment. Also accepted are credit cards issued by Visa®, MasterCard®, and Discover®. When making a payment, you’ll need your 11-digit account number.

Speedpay® is a third-party service that costs its customers $1.99 for each payment they make.

Make a payment over the phone by dialling our Speedpay® toll-free number, 1-866-263-5185.

The Speedpay® button may be found on our site in the “Payment Options” section and can be used to make a payment using any major credit card. After 4pm Central Time, payments will be processed the following business day.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Multiple secure drop box locations are available across Montana and Dakota. Please do not put cash payments in our drop boxes. It’s safer and less likely that you’ll forget to make a payment if you pay using a personal check or money order. To complete your payment, we ask that you give us five business days. To find a drop box near you, please visit

What is MDU?

MDU is an electric and natural gas company that serves customers in Montana and North Dakota. The company was founded in 1924 and is headquartered in Bismarck, North Dakota. MDU provides electricity to more than 155,000 customers and natural gas to more than 125,000 customers. The company has approximately 1,100 employees.

MDU Resources Group, Inc. is a holding company that owns Montana-Dakota Utilities Co., BismarckMandan Board of Public Works and Great Plains Natural Gas Co. Through these subsidiaries, MDU Resources Group provides electric and natural gas service to more than 700,000 customers in 10 states.

The company also mines coal, generates electricity from coal and renewable resources, constructs pipelines for the transportation of oil and natural gas, sells propane and provides other services for businesses and homeowners.

Final Words

In conclusion, the MDU Bill Pay is a great way to save money on your utilities. It is easy to use and you can get started right away. You can also find other ways to save money on your utilities by using the resources on the website.

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