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In this article we know about how to get tax relief uniform or claim tax relief for uniform. For a piece of clothing to be considered a uniform under HMRC’s guidelines, not only must the employee be required to wear it as part of their contract, but also the employee must be responsible for its cost and others must perceive it as such. As used here, the term “uniform” refers to a specific type of work attire designed to instantly identify the wearer’s profession.

Taxpayers in the medical and security services can readily recognize this. When considering uniforms of a different sort, things become more complicated.

What is a Uniform?

HMRC considers any clothing bearing a company’s name and/or logo to be a uniform.

At least some form of armor. It is a garment with a “permanent and visible insignia” sewn or embroidered onto them. Some professions, such as waiting tables, need formal evening attire such as dinner coats. Garments designed to keep you safe while you work, such as the high visibility jackets used by construction workers.

A uniform is not a strict dress code, such as at a hair salon, where all employees are expected to wear black. Clothing worn over or over the uniform, such as underwear, shoes, or tights, are considered non-uniform accessories. The employee wore regular attire with a company patch sewn on.

Examples of Uniforms that are Tax Relief

  • The employees are required to dress in outfits from the store’s current selection. These have to be in the traditional red, black, and white of the firm. Additionally, they have a badge with the company’s emblem and their name on it that they pin to their lapel whenever they are in the shop.
  • In order to qualify for tax relief uniform or uniform tax reduction, an airline crew member’s uniform must consist of the following: a black skirt or pair of pants, a red jacket embroidered with the company name and emblem, a white shirt, a scarf or tie carrying the company logo, black shoes, and skin-colored tights. Since the crew’s skirt/pants, jacket, and scarf/tie all feature the company’s name and/or emblem, they are eligible to receive a tax break for wearing them to work. To “the street,” they look like any other person wearing a business outfit. That shirt, those tights, and those shoes are all forbidden.
  • Protective gear, such as overalls, is essential for auto mechanics and other personnel who work on vehicles. HMRC agrees with this assessment and considers the clothing mechanics wear to be protective and essential to the performance of their jobs.
  • Employees who must launder their own safety gear at their own expense are eligible to file for uniform tax exemption or claim for tax relief uniform.
  • In addition to receiving tax breaks for uniforms and protective gear, certain occupations can also deduct other work-related expenses. This class includes mechanics, who frequently must invest in their own sets of work tools and toolboxes.

Instructions for Claiming your Uniform Relief

It’s a good idea to double-check whether or not your tax code already includes a deduction for uniform laundering before filing a claim for it. You will save yourself the trouble of filing a claim for benefits you are already getting. You do not need to file a new claim if you have already claimed the uniform allowance or tax relief uniform in the past. It will already be reflected in your tax code.

Tax Relief Uniform
Tax Relief Uniform

How much of an Expense Can Uniforms be Deducted as?

Ans: Depending on your occupation, the amount you are eligible to receive can vary widely. The bare minimum is £60 each year. Using our method guarantees that you will receive the largest possible refund.


Employees who are required to launder their own uniforms or protective equipment at home may be eligible for a tax return from the UK’s HM Revenue and Customs. If you don’t take advantage of it, someone else will. Statistics show that nearly three-quarters of workers who don’t wear a uniform to the office pay more in taxes. To quickly receive your NHS uniform tax rebate, click the “Claim Now” button on this page.

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