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All you need to know about Direct Vs Regular plans of mutual fund

When you want to start mutual fund investment, there are many people who would advise you as per their knowledge. Instead of blindly following someone’s advise,  you just have to apply your mind before starting any investment . In my blog I will guide those people who have no idea about mutual funds and lots of myths about the same. I am sure if you will regularly read my blog then, you will have at least basic knowledge of mutual funds. Today I am going to describe plans of mutual funds.

Direct Plan V/S regular Plan

Each mutual fund scheme as both direct and regular plan. Since the scheme is same, in both the plan portfolio would be the same. If you are investing by yourself without taking help of any mutual fund adviser then you would be investing in direct plans. If you are investing in mutual fund with the help of mutual fund adviser then you would be investing in regular plans.

.Direct Plan

  • You are just starting your mutual fund investment without any agent.
  • NAV of this plan is different from regular plans.


Your return would be slightly higher in direct plans as no broker is involved in your investment so no brokerage would be there.


You have to choose your scheme suitable to your goal by yourself. It can be riskier if you don’t have any idea about mutual fund and how to choose the correct scheme.

Instead of saving a brokerage of regular plan schemes you would loose more, if you don’t choose right scheme.

Regular Plan

  • In regular plan agent would manage all  your investment related stuff.
  • you just have to tell them your financial goal. He would make your portfolio and monitor the same as well.


You don’t have to monitor your mutual fund portfolio, all work would be done by your financial adviser/ broker. Its always better if you also keep check on your portfolio but in this case you have professional adviser with you.


As agent is intermediary in your investment. He would be paid some charge say 1% or less that that from your investment so you would get less return.


Either you are beginner in mutual fund investment or you don’t want to manage all work related to your investment then just go for financial advisor. Although he will charge some fees, he would help you to invest according to your goal. In contrast if you are having proper knowledge of mutual fund and have that confidence that you would get return by yourself only then go for direct plan.

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