hardwork + investment = welth

Hardwork + Investment = Wealth

Does a person with hard-work deserve wealth?

First, I want to agree completely!

This is the fact a person who is ready to do hard work deserves wealth.

But does it actually happens?

Yes, but not every time.

Often we find some hardworking person to struggle for buying the necessary things at last quarter of his life.

Then what is the cure?

How can we spare ourselves from shortage at last quarter of our life when we aren’t capable to work hard?

The answer is quite simple.

Not just hard work but the smart work.

Now the issue is that what is this smart work actually means?

Again, the answer is simple, as simple as you haven’t imagined yet.

The smart work means investment + hard work.

The simple formula can be said as below:

Hard work + investment = wealth.

And if at last quarter of your life, you have wealth means you haven’t just hard work but the smart work.

Just look at a person with age of 65 living happily with his grand children in a grand bungalow and a grand SUV car.

Is this the result of his hard work?

Of course yes but not totally.

The smart work is also reason for it.

Just imagine about the house prize now days and compare it with in future after 30 years, now tell yourself honestly can you buy such costlier house with the hard work?

If you haven’t lied to yourself then the answer would be- No. (Mine is also the same.)

Now think about not the hard work but the smart work means investment.

You know the old are better than the young today. Those aged 55 to 65 has much money than of 25 to 35.

They control more wealth then youngers.

It is clear that they have worked hard and saved hard for their money.

This is truth but this isn’t the whole truth. Some of their wealth comes from hard work but the most of their wealth comes from smart work (investment)

I think we can consider investment as synonym of smart work.

They have more than thirty years of interest and clever investment in stock market with healthy return.

Now the miserable truth is that according to their income most of today’s youngs will have no chance to buy such a grand bungalow or grand car with only hard work.

This is the fact- the miserable fact. Though you work hard, you can’t dare to dream of all those which you see in hands of old.


Because they have it due to favor of investment not just the hard work.

Hard work beats talent but only when talent fails to work hard.

Never think about just hard work, it can’t give us anything without smart work.

I have heard somewhere that “Hard work without talent is a shame, but talent without hard work is a tragedy”

I think we need the both.

One can built personal wealth with smart investment. Then the person has no fear about retirement, he or she can provide good education to his her children. They can live a comfortable life like the person with age of 65 we have looked above but only if he uses  his hard work and hard savings in investment.

If a person has goal to buy bungalow, have a nice car and expensive jewelry at young age instead investment, his hard work becomes vain. I think due to lack of smart work.

Never forget a slogan which is a key to happy retirement life with lot of wealth: hard work + investment = wealth.

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